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New Version 3.15.6 (2015.12.05)
available now.


To use the Clarion FreeImage class you need to download three packages. The FreeImage library, FreeImage documentation, and the Clarion FreeImage Project installer.


Go to the FreeImage web site on sourceforge and satisfy yourself that the one of their licenses suits your needs. Please read all of the license information and disclaimers.


Download the FreeImage library and documentation. After you've completed step 4, for Clarion 6 place the FreeImage DLL in the 3rdParty/bin folder, for Clarion 7, 8, 9, or 10 place the file in the Clarion/Accessory/bin folder.

use the FreeImage.lib file from the sourceforge download. Use the one installed by the Clarion FreeImage Project. You'll only need to distribute the FreeImage.DLL from this package with your completed application.



Clarion FreeImage project setup program.
Version 3.15.6



Extract and run the ClarionFreeImage.exe setup program and follow its prompts.